Nokia Website Shows Nokia N8-00 XML File

Looks like Nokia’s unveil the Nokia N8-00 with Symbian^3 is starting to gear up as apparently according to an article over on softpedia, the Nokia N8-00 XML file has shown up on the Nokia website and is “NN8-00r100-3G.”

They say that the file says it is the Nokia N8-00 model and will include the Symbian^3 operating system and other specs of the upcoming Nokia N8-00 have been extracted from the file, so we learn the Nokia N8-00 screen will be 360 x 640 resolution.

Further when based on the speculated 3.5 inch display they say it is expected to be a similar nHD display reported by engadget and as seen on the Nokia N97 flagship handset although should be a capacitive version.

Other word has it the Nokia N8-00 will lack a physical QWERTY and opt for a virtual keyboard and sport support for WCDMA/HSDPA/GPRS/EDGE/EGPRS networks. However rumour has it the Nokia N8-00 will pack a 12 megapixel camera but unfortunately there was no evidence of this in the XML file.

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