3G iPad next month don’t dream of VoIP with Skype yet

There is a few of us out there holding off on the Apple iPad for the version arriving next month the 3G device.

Dreaming of being able to place VoIP calls from just about anywhere as an alternative to your phone. Word of warning don’t expect to be able to do it with Skype not yet anyway.

The iPhone application for Skype got an update which now ensures the compatibility with the iPad. It’s been tried out and works, however Skype’s app still doesn’t work over AT&T’s 3G network.

Okay, so it is a bit impossible to actually test 3G on existing Wi-Fi only iPads but when attempts were made to make a 3G call on the iPhone the message returned states “you need Wi-Fi to call over Skype. Skype calls over 3G networks are currently not allowed due to contractual restrictions” One would assume that this relates to Skype’s deal with Verizon Wireless which allows some BlackBerry and also Android phones to make 3G VoIP calls without using minutes. Source – pcworld.com

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