Video: Google Nexus One Desktop Dock Demonstration

If you have a Google Nexus One smartphone you are of course at some point going to need to charge the device, and one way is to use the Nexus One Google Desktop Dock which enables the users to charge the smartphone on a desk or nightstand or just about anywhere.

And we have for your viewing pleasure today a video showing the Nexus One Desktop Dock in action and comes courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile via passionemobile and gives us a good solid look at the Nexus One Desktop Dock.

The video which can be viewed below lasts just over eight minutes of Nexus One Desktop Dock playtime and shows us that basically there isn’t a great deal to the Dock and is somewhat finicky to place the nexus One correctly.

So rather than me go on it’s much better if you simply head on down and mash play and get to know the Google Nexus One Desktop Dock for yourselves…enjoy.

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