Motorola Dext not first social skill phone rules ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority has left Motorola with some rather sad news following their ruling on a recent TV advertisement.

The advert claimed that the Motorola Dext phone was “the first phone with social skills” then came a complaint from a rival, claiming different.

The ad featured a male voice over who describes the functions of the phone including emails, texts and the social networking features of the Motorola Dext. At the bottom the ad reads How social is your phone, introducing Motorola Dext with Motoblur. The first phone with social skills.

INQ Mobile then challenged the claim as it had already released a phone with similar features to the Motorola Dext. Motorola argued the claim stating that the new phone’s functionality is far superior than that of the INQ phone and due to the integration of its social networking features the ASA have ruled that the ad implied that the Motorola Dext was the first phone which features integrate social networking applications in just one place and as this is not the case the ad has been defined as misleading and should not be repeated. source – campaignlive.co.uk

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