Nexus One Complaints Continue to Rise

Right from the outset Google’s first venture into the smartphone space with their Android Nexus One superphone has been dogged by complaints over issues, mainly involving 3G connectivity and poor customer service.

Well according to an article over on engadget, the problem hasn’t gone away and in fact Nexus One complaints continue to rise as evidenced by numerous posts on the Google Nexus One Support Forum.

And apparently the issues with the Nexus One are rising along with the complaints as posters complain about such things as failed text messages, problems with the ambient light sensor, and unresponsive touch screens.

This rise in complains over issues with the Nexus One demands some serious attention and while Google no doubt hasn’t been sitting idly on their hands it would appear that the Nexus One id in desperate need of a firmware update and the sooner the better.


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