HTC Incredible Release Date 29th April

There has been a rumour that HTC’s latest Android smartphone the HTC Incredible would be hitting the Big Red sometime soon. One of our editors posted that the HTC Incredible would be hitting Verizon Wireless on the 25th of April citing Android Forums but on checking unfortunately I couldn’t find the source post, so apologies for that.

However the word is that “trusted sources” have confirmed that the HTC Incredible will hit the Big Red network on April the 29th according to an article over on gizmodo.

Apparently the guys over at android and me have spoken to said “trusted sources” and each one has confirmed the HTC Incredible Verizon Wireless release date, although they don’t say who the “trusted sources” are.

There have been a couple of tweets from @VZWOffers which have made mention of the HTC Incredible and said “good things come to those who wait,” and well we have been waiting and waiting so maybe we will see the HTC Incredible soon.

The original article does say though that target release dates change every day but one of their sources has said the HTC Incredible is scheduled to arrive on the 29th of April, so not too long away to see if it comes true.

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