Will the HTC Desire threaten the Google Nexus One?

I would expect that your all aware that the HTC Desire is pretty much out there on all major UK mobile phone networks and there is already competition getting hotter between Vodafone and T Mobile.

It seems to be getting that hot that the heat has dropped off a little in relation to the other Android phone from Google the Nexus One. The phone from Google is practically the same as the HTC Desire and has been announced for Vodafone on Google’s website as coming in the spring since the start of the year.

Vodafone have themselves got the Nexus One as coming soon without actually stating April 2010. The thing is though when it is eventually launched it will face the impending launch of the iPhone 4G and the threat which is already heating up of the HTC Desire.

The HTC Desire is available for £25 per month on Phones4U with 300 minutes, 3000 texts and unlimited calls to those magic numbers on an 18 month contract. Or if that’s not for your liking then you have the alternative option unlocked and unbranded for £349 from Mobilephonedirect. On T Mobile the phone is listed as PAYG however, there are reports that disagree with that.

Lets be honest about this, there is no chance that Vodafone will sell the PAYG Nexus One for as cheap as that. That’s assuming they will actually release a PAYG option. If Vodafone choose not to dramatically reduce the price of the Nexus one at the launch then it is unlikely to attract a great volume of customers. Or is it? Let us have your opinions on this, what price will you be prepared to pay?

Source – itproportal.com

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