Motorola Droid Game Gripper Pad Demoed at Best Buy Video

If you own a Motorola Droid smartphone and are a lover of mobile gaming you may be in the market for a gaming accessory that makes mobile gaming a tad more easier and works with your Motorola Droid smartphone.

Well according to an article over on you mobile, the Game Gripper makes it more fun to paly old school SNES, NES, Gameboy and Genesis games, is easy to use as you simply slide it on, and has been designed to work with any of the game system emulators on the Android Market.

Furthermore the Game Gripper could also work with other mobile games that allow the user to map out their buttons while giving the Motorola Droid a real game pad feel.

And just so you can check out the Motorola Droid Game Gripper pad in action we have a video of said accessory for your viewing pleasure below, so head on down hit play and check it out.

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