Nokia Making Second Maemo Smartphone?

Apparently Nokia hasn’t abandoned the Maemo platform in favour of Meego as word has it according to Commercial Times of Taiwan Nokia is currently developing a second Maemo smartphone but will be an entry level handset reports an article over on electronista.

The information come via digitimes which says the unnamed Maemo handset will be manufactured by Compal and will sports a slower Qualcomm 7000 series processor and a 4 inch or larger touch screen and would be the contractors first mobile phone to have a “pure cost” of $150 although the selling price would be higher.

Apparently Compal has already received the Nokia order but is not expected to begin shipping the finished design until the second half of next year.

As Nokia and Intel are currently tied with their Meego project seeing a Nokia Maemo handset at this stage would be a tad unexpected as Meego is expected to replace Maemo later this year although Nokia has said they would still use Maemo on a small number of handsets.


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  1. Jamppa says:

    Mameo handsets will likely be later updated to MeeGo system with firmware updates. Nokia has not verified this, but a test platform of MeeGo is already available for download for N900 and later products are even more likely to have the new system as an alternative. Makes perfect sense in the long run (less firmware updating costs).

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