New iPhone 4G and OS 4.0 release update

Thanks to a recent article over at freshbuzzdaily.com I’m please to give you an update in relation to the release of the Apple iPhone 4G and also the 4.0 Operating system.

Following the launch of the iPad and the success so far on that also, with more than half a million units shipped since the launch date. The attention now falls back to the much anticipated Apple iPhone 4G and the new 4.0 Operating system.

Lots of us are eagerly looking forward to the iPhone 4G and any information we hear keeps us keen especially if it comes from the horses mouth so to speak. With the operating system having been revealed there is the opportunity to guess what features the new phone may come with.

It is rumoured to have an improved camera, an OLED screen and also touch sensitivity arriving on the back of the case, which is said to be similar to the Apple Magic Mouse. Those people that are currently tied to contract with the iPhone 3G will obviously be waiting to see if the iPhone 4G is worth upgrading to or not.

Further rumours speculate that the iPhone will be released at some point during the summer 2010, which is the usual period for new iPhone announcements to be made usually around June or July so why should it be any different this year. 8th April was when Apple released the first piece of information in regards to the new OS for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple have said that the new OS will be released in the summer, now could this be so that it coincides with the release of the iPhone 4G? So safely expect to see both the new iPhone 4G and the new OS 4.0 to be released at some stage this summer, we will of course update you as and when we have any further information.


4 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G and OS 4.0 release update”

  1. Phill says:

    There will not be a new iPhone this year… The 3gs is still so far infront of the competition… Apple will not release a new phone with the 3gs still selling so rapidly, it does not make good business sense. I welcome the 4.0 os though. Good work apple

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