Can iPhone 4G Kill Off BlackBerry?

The big thing with iPhone OS 4.0 is multitasking which will enable the iPhone to do more things simultaneously, although there are some that believe a new iPhone 4G would then only be performing simple tasks that BlackBerry smartphones have been doing for quite some time.

However the difference between BlackBerry when compared to the iPhone 4G is in web data accessibility while performing additional tasks and Blackberry isn’t very conductive to web accessibility and no where near to that of the iPhone and an iPhone 4G reports social media seo.

Multitasking will be predominant on the iPhone 4G and focusing on applications while with applications BlackBerry simply haven’t been able to keep up. The web accessibility is become a bigger deal within the corporate and business environment and data phones much like the iPhone and no doubt the next generation iPhone 4G are superior to BlackBerry handsets when is comes down to accessing the web.

The commenter therefore thinks that although BlackBerry owners are among the most faithful in the market, the advances of iPhone OS 4.0 and iPhone 4G will see the Blackberry faithful looking hard at Apples next iPhone.

So with all that in mind what do you think, can the iPhone 4G kill off BlackBerry?


5 thoughts on “Can iPhone 4G Kill Off BlackBerry?”

  1. d_anders says:

    I'm an ATT blackberry owner who now on an open contract. If Apple would just make a slider iPhone (side or bottom), I would switch in a heart beat. Blackberry still have the iphone beat on pure messaging and email, but all else is becoming outdated and not keeping up. I have very high expectations of the Blackberry 6.0 software, and the new webkit-browser that is expected. If RIM doesn't deliver, I will be looking at all options.

    I have an 3rd gen 64GB itouch, so I'm very familar with the iphone keyboard, and I use it when travelling internationally and use it for skype calls via wifi. It's still not a great messaging device like a blackberry.

  2. Alan says:

    Call me old but I am still a fan of a real keypad. Also comparing Apple 4.0 to current Blackberry web data accessibility is a no brainer but what about what comparing to what is next to come out from Blackberry? Personally I am VERY interested in Blackberry's leaks found on the internet of a Slider Phone. Multitasking is required for an efficient business phone as well as a great camera with fast access to contacts and files. Warning to Blackberry… Trading in my 8330 Blackberry Curve as soon I can compare the Slider, if it exists, to all phones including HTC and Samsung included with a touch pad. I will wait until summer…. Also satisfied SPRINT user may defect if the phone is right…

  3. FLB says:

    Didn't understand Blackberry until I got one. Wore my curve 8300 out waiting on the 9700 Bold and Love it but have played with the iPhone and it is appealing. With the Androids coming to AT&T and the new OS for iPhone, if Bberry doesn't get it's head out of its third point of contact, then it might be heading the way of the other not so Smart Phone that failed to evolve quick enough. Can anyone say Palmberry?

  4. c19hloe says:

    I have just got a blackberry curve 4g with my name engraved on it! and i think it is amazing! I dont like the Iphone 4g as it is touchscreen and they break very easily!

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