Release Date Hype: Verizon Nexus One, iPhone CDMA, HTC Incredible

Welcome to the world of hype in the way of upcoming smartphones for Verizon, when will they get the Nexus One, iPhone CDMA and of course the HTC Incredible?

Many sites including ourselves report on a daily basis about Verizon release dates of the upcoming smartphones mentioned above, and so far to date all the news is surrounding rumours and speculations, all we want is for Verizon to come forward and speak for themselves and give us hard concrete evidence that we really want to hear, REAL dates of when they will start stocking them.

Yesterday we reported about the HTC Incredible and its official press release, specs and price, the release date is apparently going to be April 29, you can pre-order from the 19th for $199.99 after a $100 mail in rebate. The full specifications list was officially confirmed on the VZ site as well, do the specs live up to your expectations?

Moving onto the Nexus One smartphone for Verizon, apparently and we do take this with a pinch of salt the Verizon Nexus One device will be available by the end of April 2010, a Verizon insider has said that she is very confident that this is accurate. We will keep you in the loop of exact dates etc.

The hottest news surrounding Big Red has to be its release of a new iPhone, yet again all speculation but according to an iPhone hacker named iH8sn0w there has been a number of new references revealing new devices, could this be the new CDMA iPhone? Obviously AT&T hold the exclusive rights to the Apple handset but this is soon to end, the question is “Will Verizon and Apple come to some sort of agreement and then finally give us proof of release.

The bottom line is: We all love hype, speculations, rumours and tit-for-tat chit-chat, but we say it is good for business. If companies like Verizon just came out and gave us the real news of release dates straight away that would not be practical. They need to let us all know at the right time, release a certain phone at the right time and of course make the smartphones available in order, in order; we mean why sell a phone that gets masses of sales then say release the next phone that does not sell at all.

Do you believe the above is all hype and that Verizon should just tell us how it is, or do you think that they are doing the right thing by holding back?


3 thoughts on “Release Date Hype: Verizon Nexus One, iPhone CDMA, HTC Incredible”

  1. Eric says:

    I enjoy tracking the hype, as I sit here with my Voyager I got via pre-order before thanksgiving '07…. remember the hype for that iPhone killer! Since the N1, is basically the same phone as HTC Incredible… It will be a Verizon marketing campaign for the HTC, and the N1 will follow shortly via Google campaign/channels (ie website). Any speculation on Apple patent issues with HTC holding up N1 would also have to affect HTC… since HTC is official, that shouldn't be an issue for N1 now. The iPhone big announcement on June 22 will be for AT&T only, as Apple will probably only give Verizon the CDMA version on the current model… and come out in the fall.

  2. K, PDX says:

    My guess is the withholding is a marketing decision. If say, someone really wanted phone B, but cool phone A is available now, knowing that phone B is only 30 days out increases the chance the user will just wait…. whereas the company probably wants to inspire purchasing NOW NOW NOW, and maybe even the phone manufacturer gets in the loop… maybe they want to reduce perceived competition for their phone; they want the odds stacked in their favor, that year to try to make their money back, and have some pull with the telecommunications company.

    As for me, I don't watch the hype or get interested in it at all. I'll find something I am interested in, and I'll check back on something a couple times a month to see if its available, or in this specific case, when I'm paying my bill online. But my life is in no way inconvenienced by not having the nexus (or droid). I'm patient. Want one and wish they'd get off the can, but I'm under no illusions that my geeky desire has any impact on verizon (or any telecommunications company) in any concrete manner, so I save myself the emotional stress.

  3. jsd says:

    I Think Verizon always drags their feet on everything. Verizon isn't concerned about hype, they are probably fighting with Google over some stupid feature they want control over and Google doesn't want to relent. I hate Verizon's control over my phone! If any other Blasted Cell phone company would cover my area with 3G I'd leave Verizon in an instant. I hate them, but that have the towers where I live. Every experience I've had with Verizon is the same. They don't need to be on the cutting edge, because they already have us by the balls!

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