MeeGo affordable Smartphone arriving next year?

We have been awaiting the first Nokia handset to be taking advantage of the MeeGo operating system which was announced earlier this year. We’re still waiting for the said device to show up.

We’re expecting to see at least one device in the next few months, in the meantime it does look like Nokia have also been busy working on a entry level handset which isn’t set to appear until 2011.

If we are to listen to those rumours and they turn out to be true, then we could see a return to the tablet form factor for Nokia in 2011. Think back to the Nokia N900’s ancestors, they started off as tablet so this wouldn’t be untouched ground for the Finnish company.

Of course a display of a minimum of 4 inches will take full advantage of the Open Source operating system. It has even been reported over on slash gear that the new device could actually be larger than inches which would be great for media use.

Source – noknok.tv via slashgear.com

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