Nokia X6 Pink Gains Better Contract Deals

The Nokia X6 smartphone is now available via various mobile operators and according to an article over on prlog, the Nokia X6 Pink is a lucrative smartphone that gains lucrative deals from those network operators who offer the handset.

They remark for example that the Nokia X6 Pink is available from some portals at just £10 per month on contract. There are also deals which deliver 100 texts, 100 minutes and unlimited internet; which can be found on free contract mobilephone along with numerous other deals.

The article also states that the Nokia X6 Pink is available for nearly £128 and that for £25 per month you can get 300 texts 300 minutes and unlimited internet, but for some reason they don’t actually stipulate which deals with which carrier which is pretty poor for a pr website

So basically the Nokia X6 Pink is the same as the standard Nokia X6 but targeted towards the ladies and can be gained as a free smartphone on various contracts with Vodafone UK, T-Mobile UK, and Orange UK depending on the length of contract.

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