Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.1 Software Update will add Multitouch

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will have its major Android 2.1 software update September 2010 and will get the added benefits of multitouch and much more.

According to Mobiles.co.uk Sony Ericsson has confirmed this new update that will replace the Android v1.6 platform. The X10 did not have multi-touch before because it was all down to a hardware issue, but hopefully all is well now.

The Sony Ericsson X10 Xperia was known as Rachael and features aGPS, 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4-inch touchscreen with 480×854 pixels, 8.1-megapixel camera with a 16x digital zoom, 8GB memory card comes with device and also has 1GB internal memory and WiFi.

We will let you know as soon as the new update has been released and ready for download, in the meantime please do tell us about your Sony Ericsson Experia X10.

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28 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.1 Software Update will add Multitouch”

  1. Andii says:

    get my x10 in the morning, looks good, read some so-so reviews, OS seems a major downside but hopefully SE will get the 2.1 to the masses a.s.a.p

  2. Kyle says:

    To be totally honest if your after a phone to use freely I wouldn't bother, I got rid of my iPhone 3gs 16gb because the battery was rubbish and this thing is even worse, even when it's not being used it runs out. I've got an N900 also and the battery is not so good but nowhere near as rubbish as the X10.

      1. Blob says:

        yeh, from what you've written it seems your don't actually own the phone, the battery life on the X10 is pretty good, especially for a smartphone

  3. Raj says:

    Got my phone just over a week ago. Battery lasted for no more than a day for the frist couple of days (I was on it for hours at a time) . Now I switch off Bluetoioth, GPS and Wifi when not in use and have not charged battery for 3 days (still hav 25% charge left). I am sure that will improve when I start using it "normally".

  4. peter says:

    I am currently on my second x10 i have to say i have no widgets on my home screen bluetooth,wifi,gps all turned off and im lucky to get 5 hrs out the bat!iv been told to wait a couple of months and get a replacement bat wen sony fixes the manfacturing issues they are having.i like the phone but the bat life is killing me.im also dissapointed its taking so long for the software upgrade,i was told it was going to b instant and that some phones would b sent out wit 2.1 not long after launch,u dont get to 16m colours until the upgrade,multitouch wont b part of it though,all the droid phones are the same pic the screen size and style u want as they are the only real differences.

  5. X10 Needs MT! says:

    I just got my x10 and i love it. Looks amazing, and does everything perfectly. I will admit the battery isnt great but its not as bad as most people are making out.
    The BIGGEST gripe i have with this phone is the lack of multi touch. That has taken off SOOOOOOO many possibilties for SOOOOOOOO many apps/games just becuase of that one feature (which aparently it can have, there is just a conflict with the Hardware and the 1.6 system)
    When everything on the phone is such high quality you wouldnt expect not to miss such a vital feature, it really lowers it overall quality .If i'd known it didnt have Multi touch, i would have got the iphone, and im sure many others would(It would beat the iphone hands down with MultiTouch and a 2.1 system!!!)

    Almost ALL of my friends have iphones, they all agree that; The X10 COULD be better then their 3gs, easily. But its missing multi touch, and after having it, you cant live without it! (BECUASE ITS TOTALLY AWESOME!)

    Give us multi-touch SE! We deserve it! And so does the X10!

  6. richard says:

    i got my x10 today with in 10 mins of use whole phone shuts down or message appers saying andriod not working force end task cant belive its happend

  7. tracy says:

    I have x10 been using it this morning for one hr and the batt is nearly run out just the same if you dont use it six hrs then dead carry my 905 with me for emergencys not good is it

  8. adrian01 says:

    i also have battery issues but downloaded APNdroid app and it switches off 3g etc with ease and now battery last 2 days easily. I just turn 3g on when needed.

  9. jerome says:

    hmm i've had my xperia x10 for a month already…no bat problems…lasts more than a day unless i play games and surf the web through wi-fi…or play music…it only lacks the software of android 2.1 and the multi-touch…

  10. steve says:

    ive had my x10 since friday battery life isnt great could be betetr but had same probl;em with the satio until after a few days of charging after it was needed the battery lfie increased. if this 2.1 update helps the battery im all for it tbh my c905 was pretty bad with battery life when making calls etc

  11. james d says:

    gutted, thought i would give sony one more go, sadly dissapointed within a month battery wouldnt charge, sent off for 3 weeks, has come back and still the same issue, will only charge off the PC and that takes ages!!! the concept is great, perfect little work tool, the reality, nothing more than an expensive paper weight! full charge last less than 6 hours and thats with no bluetooth, wifi or GPS. sad to say my next phone will be from another manufacturer.

  12. Gill says:

    I have a Satio and although it can be slightly buggy at times I've never really had a problem with it like my son has with his.I had the Xperia X10 hoping that SE might have learnt their lesson when the Satio was realeased,I couldn't have been more wrong.I had the X10 for 2 weeks and have stopped using it.The battery life is terrible,my phone only seems to last for half a day.I thought I had a faulty phone at first because I have an incall volume issue,I can't hear callers properly and they can't hear me properly and its for this reason I have had to stop using it.If they update the software and sort out the battery and volume issues this would be a great phone.All I can say is that I'm glad I haven't paid for it and it was a free upgrade phone.

  13. Arun says:

    I have been using Xperia X10 for the last 2 months. I replaced my I-phone 3g and I am happy to have Xperia. The good side is the battery life is better than I-phone and of course it should be charged every day on normal use. the devise is fast and ease to use. the apps all depends on Android Market. should admit not all the apps are there for android market like what's got for I-phones.

    I should say over all the phone is impressive with look functionality and music player should admit the quality. but lacks the latest 2.2 or 2.1 OS. Hope to see the update from SE soon.

    Again why not SE cant make an attractive sleek mic like I-phone. it looks like a sausage and looks ugly and will make us regret forgetting the sound quality SE offers.

    I love Xperia X10 and android is cool..

  14. Joe says:

    I know the battery life isn't the best on the x10 but to solve this problem all i did was download a task manager to close down the apps after i used them fully and sometimes returning to the home screen leaves them on and still drains battery, works fine for me, i can go a night or two without a recharge!

  15. boab says:

    I bought the experia x10 two months ago was told when i bought it it didn't have a radio but you could buy a bluetooth headset i think its a mw600 but i love my phone for its looks alone when the software comes to update it i shall be quite happy to wait for any upgrade that SE wish to send may it be 2.1 or 2.2 and the mini experia will get bluetooth and wifi-gps so anybody thinking of buying the x10 or mini i would recomend it any day just wish it could have been out years ago could have saved me a few prehistoric phones so enjou

  16. Santo says:

    hi. I bought a xperia x 10 few days ago but i found a little bit difference than my another xperia x10. The sreen colour of this two x10 little bit different. One x10 colour is deeper and another x10 colour is less deeper. But it doesn't make any problem and I think the less deeper x10 one colour is look beautiful and attractive.so can you pls tell me why the difference and is there any fault in my SE x10 phone? or will it be alright after getting the android 2.1 version which SE is going to launch .

  17. Jimmy says:

    I want to shove this phone up the ass of a SE executive. I have had it for 2 and a half months now. First problem was the dead pixel in the center of the screen. Got it fixed but the repair person left their fingerprints on the inside of the screen! Now after the 2.1 update, my battery has gone from 2.5 days to down 5 hours under the same settings What a piece of shite!

  18. Christian says:

    I have had my X10 for a few months now and after downloading a few apps from android found my battery wouldnt even last till mid day with a full charge and after a few enquiries decided to get rid of all apps and start again. can get 2 days use out of 1 charge now even if i listen to 4 hours music a day and connect via wi-fi so long as i dont leave it connected when not in use. have to say i am entirely happy with the phone and SE in general so unless you wish to follow all the rest and get i-phone then X10 is an excellent alternative!

  19. Shirls says:

    My advice is don't….the backup does not work well, I lost most of my contacts, settings and music….thats me learned my lesson…forget about the updates from now on….it justs causes hell….and you have to rebuild all you have already set up…..backup….yeah right!

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