Motorola Introduces 6 WX Series Mobile Phones

Looks like Motorola is hitting the entry level market hard with the introduction of 6 new mobile handsets in the entry level category and are in the Motorola WX series of handsets reports an article over on unwired view.

The six handsets are the Motorola WX161, WX181, WX260, WX256, WX290 and the Motorola WX295 all are basic mobile phones with the WX161 and WX181 being candy-bar form factor with FM radio and light torch.

The Motorola WX260 is another candy-bar form factor but features an MP3 player, WAP browser, Bluetooth and microSD expansion up to 2GB. The Motorola WX265 on the other hand carries the same features as the WX260 but has a clamshell form factor.

Lastly there is the Motorola WX290 another candy-bar but with a 1.8 inch display, the same features as the others but adds a camera and MMS ability while the WX295 is the same but takes the clamshell form factor.

No word as yet when these 6 Motorola WX handsets will be come available or what pricing they will command; however apparently the Motorola WX260 is expected to launch on China Mobile sometime soon.

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