Palm WebOS Smartphones for France SFR; Wont Save Palm Though

Palm along with SFR have announced that the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus smartphones will become available in France on SFR’s online store as of the 27th of April and in all SFR stores as of the 11th of May reports palm investor.

Palm’s chairman and chief exec officer, Jon Rubinstein has said “We are excited to bring the Palm webOS experience to France for the first time so SFR customers can benefit from the unique ability to use natural gestures to switch easily between multiple open applications and always stay up to date. With the choice of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus phones, customers across France can stay connected so they never miss a thing.”

Well any step forward with Palm’s Pre and Pixi smartphones have got to have some kind of positive effect but probably one that wont help Palm’s struggle in the long run and no doubt sooner or later we’ll see Palm being acquired by another company like Lenovo or Huawei who have both been named as interested in purchasing the ailing company.

However, the chairman and chief exec officer of SFR, Frank Esser says they are proud to be the first operator in France to launch the Palm webOS smartphones, and will offer “great SFR apps” such as SFR WiFi, SFR TV and SFR Mon Compt.


One thought on “Palm WebOS Smartphones for France SFR; Wont Save Palm Though”

  1. utiz4321 says:

    It is awesome that everyone is predicting palm’s death, this has been going on now for over three years now and they have yet to fold up shop. They have a great product that stands head and shoulders above android and blackberry. Only the iphone might have a better platform and even that is debatible. We will see what happens to palm but as a pre user I hope to se new hard from them and new generatins of their os. The though of having to mover to any of the other platforms is deppressing.

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