New iPhone 4G vs. Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7: Vote

What would you choose out of the new iPhone 4G or the new Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7? We will give you a few main specs on each device and then you can judge out of the two, which one would most suit you.

Lets start with the new Apple iPhone 4G that Gizmodo got their hands on; this new handset has changed dramatically from the 3GS version in design and features (Read about iPhone 4G hardware compared to 3GS).

The new iPhone now features front-facing camera with Flash, which many are hoping will be LED based, the camera lens is now bigger, comes with a micro-SIM, smaller display screen but with higher resolution at 960×640 and HD capabilities, has a second microphone for noise cancellation, and different volume buttons that are separate now.

The rounded design of the new iPhone has gone in favour of squared-off edges, and the casing is made from a different material, the battery life is also a lot better and is 16 percent larger than the 3GS model.

Now we will give you the main features of the new Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7 smartphone, this is a super portrait slider handset featuring 1GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon processor, 8GB of storage, MicroSD card, 512MB RAM, 1GB of flash, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, WVGA 4.1-inch OLED display and an FM Radio, plus GPS, compass, accelerometer and full Flash support including video playback.

This is just a quick comparison of the iPhone 4G and the Dell Lightning, we will give you more in-depth detail about each device as soon as both of them have been made official.

All we want to know is what smartphone do you favour at the moment? Please vote below

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One thought on “New iPhone 4G vs. Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7: Vote”

  1. hvn says:

    I choose Windows Phone cause of FM, GPS for Navigation, 5MB Camera, Live Xbox games, OLED. Plus I can just insert in my MicroSD with my existing Garmin & TomTom and ready to use. Windows phone always give me ability to used office software; such as MS Words, MS Excel, MS NOte, MS Powerpoint, etc. Also possibility to use Many free HTC development Software and Sense & SPB Mobile Shell Software to change screen look. Mainly I just like to used the "File Explorer" feature from Windows Phone cause it gives me flexibility to copy files, change folders, registry edit, etc. More important that Windows phone support FLASH. I believe Windows Phone 7 available with the physical QWERTY keyboards such as like the TILT2 or TOUCHPRO 2.

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