Samsung S8500 Waves from various online stores now

Lets be honest we have all been expecting this but it’s still nice when you hear it for real. The Samsung S8500 Bada Wave is appearing in various online stores across the world.

This is a fair bit ahead of the initially expected release date of May. It is more than welcome though and it is always nice to see a high end phone coming earlier than expected. As we know that doesn’t happen very often.

The Samsung S8500 Wave which we have reported on previously here, is the very first Samsung phone with the propriety Bada operating system and it is also the very first phone in the world with a Super AMOLED display.

Apparently the Super AMOLED is something that you will just have to see for yourself with your own eyes. Don’t forget the Wave also shots some very nice 720p video. The all important price is expected to be around 450 Euro which is more expensive than the HTC Desire.

Lets hope that the Wave comes down a little in price which of course will make it even harder to resist that temptation. Which is of course what Samsung need to be doing with the Bada OS.

Source – gsmarena.com

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