Samsung’s Flash Chips promise 50% increase in speeds

Thanks to a recent report over at intomobile.com via samsunghub.com for this piece of information in relation to Samsung and industry first.

Samsung have revealed an industry first with their launch of 20nm based NAND flash chips that are to be used in SD memory cards and also embedded memory solutions.

The Korean company have stated that the new technology will provide 50% higher productivity than 30nm MLC NAND with a read speed of 20MB/s and write speed of around 10MB/s.

Think seriously about this though, just because the read or write speeds of the Flash memory is 50% higher doesn’t mean that the device will be running 50% faster. It is a step in the right direction of course, but Flash memory is already plenty fast enough. Generally it is the phones CPU and more available RAM which has an impact on the phones performance improvements.

Samsung are currently sampling out the cards to customers, when released the modules and SD cards will be available in capacities from 4GB to 64GB.

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