Samsung Omnia II Microsoft 6.5.3 OS Firmware Upgrade

Samsung have recently confirmed something which will be good news for those of you out there that are in possession of an Omnia II.

They are going to be releasing a free firmware upgrade for the Omnia II users. This update will bring with it the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system 6.5.3.

The said firmware upgrade is also reported to be coming with other improvements including some notable changes to the touchscreen which will make touch response so much faster and more intuitive.

Also you can expect to see some improvements to the user interface which we can assume may be like the Wave (TouchWIZ 3.0). The date for the firmware release is said to be the latter half of May. Apparently soon after the Korean giant will be shipping all Omnia II devices with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 already installed.

Source – intomobile.com


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