Nokia Symbian^3 delayed until Q3, Symbian^4 Devices 2011

Many investors will not be happy around about now because Symbian^3 has been delayed and will not release until Q3 2010.

Apple so far to date has done very well indeed with a massive $3 billion profit, and sales were truly amazing, well this cannot be said about Nokia. Ok so Nokia has boosted its earning per share by 40 percent, but according to Engadget it missed analyst expectations.

To make things a little worse is the fact that Symbian^3, has been delayed until Q3, it should have been released the first part of 2010. Is this delay the reason why share prices have dropped 12 percent?

Even Symbian^4 devices have been shifted to 2011 now according to an image shown on IntoMobile, come on Nokia what is going on. Please contact mark@phonesreview.co.uk and give us a better insight to what is happening.

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