Google Nexus One magic enables 802.11n: Video

You may or may not remember there was a teardown recently of the Nexus One which was carried out by iFixit and we reported it here.

The result of the teardown revealed the device has a Broadcom chip which was labelled BCM4329EKUBG which supports Wireless N and also an FM transmitter. Strangely enough both of those features were not present when the phone was launched.

The Nexus One launched back on January 5th, missing both features now looks like its not that far away from us and may be implemented in Android 2.2. Google and Broadcom have just released some updated drivers for the Wi-Fi chipset which will appear in order to enable Wireless N.

Android hacker Steve Kindik, was fast off the mark in pulling the files into his repo and then Mr Kmobs compiled them to run on his Nexus One. Then he set his Wi-Fi router to 802.11 N then Mr Kmobs was able to connect his Nexus One and browse the internet

This has been captured albeit a little blurry on video for you to have a look at. Think though if Broadcom and Google have already released the files out there into the wild then the chances are that they have already been implemented in the upcoming firmware. Anyway have a look at the video courtesy of the guys over at androidandme.com and share your comments if you wish.

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