iPhone monitors Asthma with Blue Flow Concept Gadget

Do you have Asthma and an Apple iPhone? Well this would be great news for you if they put the Blue Flow Breathe In Breathe Out Concept Gadget into production.

There are millions of asthmatics in the world and your Asthma should be monitored on a daily basis, but visit the doctor on a regular basis is a pain is the backside and this is where the Blue Flow Concept Gadget could come into play.

This iPhone accessory combines a peak flow monitor with your iPhone software, information will be sent wirelessly to your iPhone once you have breathed into the device, then you can take your iPhone to your doctors if you feel necessary and the doctor can run long reports over a period of time.

Medical devices for smartphones, always puts a smile on my face, technology is awesome and this is one product that should go into production. What do you think of the iPhone Blue Flow Concept Gadget?

Source — Yanko Design via Uber Gizmo


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