No HTC Droid Incredible For The UK Confirms HTC

For any of us Brits who have set their sights on the HTC Droid Incredible smartphone, you can now reset your sights on a different smartphone, perhaps the next generation iPhone 4G as we have recently posted a face off between the two; as the UK will not gain the HTC Droid Incredible according to an article over on nexus404.

Apparently the disappointing news comes by way of the official HTC Twitter account which confirms there will be no launch of a UK HTC Droid Incredible.

The HTC Twitter announcement did however give Brits a reminder that the HTC Desire “is now on the ground in the UK,” like it is some kind of consolation handset, although the HTC Desire is available while the Incredible isn’t so that’s one thing.

Unfortunately the Twitter announcement didn’t actually say why the HTC Droid Incredible will not be launching over here in the UK, so if anyone happens to find out feel free to drop us a comment letting us know why, and of course if we hear we will pass it along.


8 thoughts on “No HTC Droid Incredible For The UK Confirms HTC”

  1. love my droid says:

    we have no my touch slide, we have no htc vision, no incredible, no evo 4G… why do we have to look across the ocean with pure envy …
    please treat us brits to some serious android, we are the poor relation here!

  2. Shaun says:

    This news is not good for avid gamers who enjoy playing games on Android. Many of my overseas comrades have the Incredible to play a top down shooter called Project INF. The fact of the matter is us UK chaps are in need of something powerful to stay in the ranks as our American friends.

    No matter, skill > speed 🙂

  3. Noneof yabusiness says:

    Would have been the perfect htc phone for me, it looks slicker than the desire…I would have got it from ebay but the verizon logo is not a good look.

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