Verizon to Chop Tens of Thousands of Jobs

If you work for Verizon I bet you worry about job security, especially after Verizon’s recent quarterly earnings conference call, because according to an article over on freepress, Verizon is looking to get rid on thousands of their employees.

During said Verizon’s recent quarterly earnings conference call the article reports that John F. Killian, Verizon’s chief financial officer, announced plans to chop “tens of thousands more jobs at Verizon.”

Killian stated…”I mentioned on previous calls the last couple of years we’ve reduced our wireline work force by about 13,000 per year, and I said we would do the same this year. I actually think we have now the ability to do more than that this year.”

Last year John F. Killian pulled in $9.8 million and Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon’s chairman and CEO made about $17.5 million in compensation. However, for the ordinary Verizon employee the outlook of a future with Verizon looks somewhat bleak to say the least.

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