Nexus One on AT&T Uboxing Video

Not as exciting as the leaked iPhone 4G no doubt and probable old news now but the Google Nexus One superphone has now received the traditional unboxing video treatment, but this time round it is the Nexus One released to the Big Blue network.

Yes folks the Nexus One is with AT&T and the guys over at pocket now have gone through the motions of an unboxing and recorded the event for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below and lasts almost four minutes. Apparently though Google have given up on sorting out the Nexus One issues, which you can read up on (here)

As there aren’t many Android platform smartphones on the AT&T network at the moment the Nexus One would appear to be the better option as actually the only other Android device AT&T offers is the Motorola Backflip, and of course especially if you don’t want an iPhone.

Anyway being on the AT&T network makes this Nexus One unboxing video a little be different and makes a chance from all the iPhone 4G news we’ve been hearing of lately, so head on down and mash play to enjoy.

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