Ebay Auction for iPod Touch with camera – Pulled

We are all aware of the recent hype and rumours following the iPhone 4G which found itself alone in a bar, but here we have something else rather interesting in relation to another Apple leak?

Thanks to the guys at ubergizmo.com via ipodnn.com for this. Apparently somebody was selling on Ebay albeit for just a few moments an iPod Touch which had a build in camera. It obviously didn’t stay there long before it was pulled away from those eagerly waiting to part with there hard earned cash to get a hold of it.

The devices featured iPod branding on the back along with prototype identification codes DVT – 1 and also DVT – 2 design verification test. So the iPod Touch which was on Ebay confirms the third generation iPod touch with a camera.

An ongoing rumour is that an iPod touch would ship this spring with a camera, although the leaks of the models are not knew to us this is the first time that they have included definitive evidence outside of the hardware itself.

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