Video Windows Phone 7 shows Office Hub plus

As most of you are probably already aware, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform previously known as Windows Phone 7 Series is all set and ready to hit the market sometime this year.

It is expected to be bringing with it a new approach to mobile phone usage. A great deal of information has been provided by the Redmond based software giant to keep up all keen and eager. Thanks to the folks over at news.softpedia.com for this.

Having said that there is still a lot that remains unknown. One of which we can count info on it the Office hub that the Windows Phone 7 operating system will land on devices with. Little has been unveiled until now that is on what features and functions would actually be available for uses.

Now we have two videos which features the Office hub on Windows Phone 7 and from that we can learn more on the next generation mobile product which is coming soon from Microsoft.

The video shows what the solution is able to offer in both the area of calendar and also email. And the experience does appear to be an appealing one. Not much else really to add at this stage, however have a look at the video and see what you make of it. It does remain to be seen though just how this will fair out on the actual handsets when they land on the market

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