Vodafone UK Nexus One Release: Are Prices Disappointing?

Vodafone will begin offering the Android packing Google Nexus One superphone on April the 30th, and the device is available to pre-order as of today, but according to an article over on the Guardian, Vodafone’s price plans are unlikely to set sales alight in the UK.

Potential Vodafone Nexus One customers can gain the smartphone for free when signing up for a 2 year agreement which costs £35 a month, and pitches the Nexus One in direct competition with the iPhone and although it may be faster than the iconic iPhone the Nexus One has fewer applications available.

The UK launch of the Nexus One has come later than first expected by Vodafone although Google has always said it would be a spring launch for the UK. And the Nexus One also faces competition from the HTC Desire which is available from several carriers in the UK.

Of course if you are willing to pay up front for your Vodafone Nexus One there are cheaper monthly plans and you can read all about those Vodafone plans right (here)

However considering the challenge of the iPhone and the HTC Desire, one could judge the Vodafone price plans as somewhat disappointing, what do you think will the Nexus One do well in the UK or are prices disappointing?


One thought on “Vodafone UK Nexus One Release: Are Prices Disappointing?”

  1. Cliff Townley says:

    Think it could do both Voda and Nexus really well, its a good phone and a good operator but come on who worked the prices out.

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