Android OS is Beating iPhone OS States New Report

The smartphone operating systems battle continues as a new report shows that the Android operating system is beating the iPhone operating system as it outsold the iPhone in Q1 of 2010 according to research by NPD reports the guys over at Mashable.

Apparently during Q1 2010 Android smartphone accounted for 28% of smartphone sales while the iPhone and its OS grabbed only 21%, although Research In Motion beat them both and was the best selling operating system snagging 36% of the market.

This latest report follows on the back of an AdMob report last month which showed that Android’s cut of the mobile operating system market share had also out stripped the iPhone operating system in the United States, although globally the iPhone OS still commands with 46% as opposed to Android’s 25%.

It wouldn’t surprise if the trend for the Android OS continues with the likes of the HTC Droid Incredible selling reasonably well, but with the next generation iPhone 4G, a new video of which can be found (here), on the horizon that could soon change.

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