HTC Hero and Samsung Moment Android 2.1 update Q2

Finally after loads of rumours in relation to the Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment users in the United States it seems things are on the move.

Thanks to a recent article over at softsailer.com it has been revealed that Sprint have released an official statement with regards to the long awaited roll out. Okay, now for the bit you’re interested in.

If you are the proud owner of either a Sprint Hero or a Samsung Moment you will get Android 2.1 at some stage during the second quarter.

This has been a very tiring issue with all the rumours, but at least now we have something to go on. It isn’t clear at this stage who was to blame in all this whether it was HTC, Samsung or Sprint chances are we’ll never get to the bottom of it. But at least now for some the sigh of relief as we know it is definitely on its way.


2 thoughts on “HTC Hero and Samsung Moment Android 2.1 update Q2”

  1. Stephen says:

    Well as a Samsung Moment owner in the USA, I can tell you that I personally have felt very jerked around. First it was by the end of 2009, then the end of Q1 2010, then Fed. 22nd, then end of Q2 2010, then May 10th, now end of Q2 2010 again.

    I mean just update the damn things already. I am going to get an EVO when they come out, but it would be nice to have an updated Moment that I bought in October updated before the new phone releases!

  2. ADL says:

    These manufacturers could not claim that there devices would be compatible with future Android versions simply because phones are built according to specs given.
    Phones are built with specs requiremnts in mind. These devices were built on the basis of the current and maybe some knowledge of upcoming android spec requirements.
    A device can ONLY be built according to what Android specs tell them is necessary…there can not be speculitive specs.
    This is coming from ME an engineer
    Take care all

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