Apple iPhone vs. Google Android OS Battle: Readers Poll

Yesterday we reported that Android OS is beating iPhone OS according a new report from NPD, obviously we will mention a little more about this but what we want is for readers to vote below using our poll system what they prefer.

So according to this report (Sourced above) it states that the Google Android OS is outselling Apple iPhone’s OS, this data comes via monthly online surveys and this is why we are putting together our very own. The report says that Android boasted 28 percent of smart-phone mobile-browser market sales and shipments in the first quarter of 2010, whereas Apple only had 21 percent. BlackBerry beat both of them at 36 percent.

What you have to remember is the iPhone operating system is simply on one smartphone, whereas Android OS is on multiple handsets and there are a few of them. If you head over to WSJ they have more in-depth information about the report.

Please do answer our poll question below as this will let us here at phonesreview.co.uk know what operating system you prefer.

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One thought on “Apple iPhone vs. Google Android OS Battle: Readers Poll”

  1. DumbDumb says:

    um … idiot … iPod touch has the same operating system … just sayin' … the milk's gone bad Apple. Time to get innovative again. Your OS is gettin old like BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

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