Palm Pre Plus Hitting AT&T on May 16th

There I was thinking that the Palm Pre Plus was just about I the mobile grave when up pops the Big ole Blue AT&T with the Palm Pre Plus becoming available as of the 16th of May according to an article over on engadget who got the announcement via AT&T’s Facebook page.

For any of you AT&T customers who opt to grab the Pre Plus over the iPhone (no need to laugh) the handset comes with a 2 year contract in tow and will set you back some $149.99 of your hard earned cash on contract after rebate.

The AT&T Palm Pre Plus pricing is $100 more than what Verizon is asking at the moment, and is the same price with Sprint, but on the other hand AT&T does give you a free Touchstone charger for a “limited time,” when picked up from a corporate store.

There’s no word as to if AT&T will follow by picking up the Palm Pixi yet though or anything about the free mobile hotspot add-on. So if any of you AT&T customers do purchase the Pre Plus drop us a comment with your personal review on the handset.

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