Dolphin Browser HD Review: Consumer Opinions

As we know the Dolphin Browser HD is already available on the Android market as we covered it briefly here in case you missed it. Now we have some more detailed information thanks to the folks over on softpedia.com

For those of you that didn’t know your phone will need to be running under Google’s Android operating system version 2.0 and above and this gives you another option when choosing which browser you want for your device.

The new software solution is said to offer Android users a enhanced experience when it comes to navigation around the internet directly from your mobile phone. Sadly though the application has only been released for the devices which are powered by version Android 2.0 or above which will mean some users wont be able to benefit from it’s features.

Some features that we are aware of include, versatile add ons, multi touch Pinch and Zoom, Tabbed browsing, YouTube Downloader, Bookmarks Sorting, General URL Commander and Thumbnails Flick Menu. The Pinch Zoom is reported to be rather smooth and the tabbed browsing is apparently a great feature. Another positive is that most of the features have been nicely tucked out of the way so you can enjoy more of your full screen for viewing content.

Another feature which is said to be a good one is the YouTube ability to play videos and downloading clips on to the microSD card. The Dolphin Browser HD is available now to download for free from the Android Market, for Android 2.0+ handsets. Have you already downloaded this version? Have you any comments to share with us?


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