Verizon iPhone Held Up By Apple 5 Year Deal with AT&T

Sadly it doesn’t look like all those Verizon Wireless customers who have been patiently waiting for the Verizon iPhone are going to see the elusive smartphone appear, well not in the near future anyway.

The reason there won’t be a Verizon iPhone is that according to an article over on CRN, by way of Engadget, the court documentation for the original iPhone exclusivity deal with AT&T shows said deal was expected to remain in place until 2012.

Which means there is still another 2 years to run on the Big Blue’s exclusivity agreement, but the word is Apple and AT&T have renegotiated their exclusivity deal so the original deal may no longer be in effect, which would roll along quite nicely with a report we posted not too long ago and can be seen (here)

Of course no one really knows if the original agreement still stands, and Apple nor AT&T are coming forward and saying, but let’s hope that it isn’t still in effect as there are many on Verizon waiting for the iPhone and surely Apple won’t keep them waiting another 2 years or would they?

Like I’ve said before, I personally can’t see what the big problem is with Apple delivering a Verizon iPhone, you only have to look over here in the UK and in Europe and see virtually every carrier is offering the iPhone in one form or another, so why restrict it to a single carrier in the US, especially one with such a bad reputation for customer service and dropped calls?

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