BlackBerry Pearl 9100, Motorola DEXT Bell Prices Revealed

The guys over at mobile syrup have got hold of a promotional flyer for Bell in Canada which reveals the pricing for the Bell BlackBerry Pearl 9100 smartphone and the Bell Motorola DEXT.

The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 was due release today by has been “delayed until further notice,” however the flyer shows the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 as “coming soon” and will command a price tag of $49.95 even though previously it was rumoured to be $29.95 on a 3 year agreement as previously reported (here)

As for the Motorola DEXT with Bell the flyer show it will launch as of Friday the 14th of May and will be available on a 3 year contract commanding a price tag of $79.95.

Off contract pricing for the smartphones are the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 will cost $329.95 while the Motorola DEXT will cost $399.95. However to gain the low price on a 3 year contract you’ll also be required to sign up for a minimum smartphone plan of $50 per month.

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