HTC EVO 4G Two-way Qik Video Chat Demo

As previously posted, Sprint has held a launch event for the much talked about HTC EVO 4G smartphone, which you can read (here) and according to an article over intomobile the HTC EVO 4G is to be the 1st US smartphone to offer “true-blue” video calling due to Qik.

While the guys were at the HTC EVO 4G event they got some chat time to find out about the video calling feature along with a video demo which you can view below and shows the video calling applications relatively low lag times.

Furthermore the Qik application makes use of either the front facing or rear facing camera which means video chat with friends with a two-way face to face conversation, which is a neat feature to say the least and will no doubt be a big selling pint with the HTC EVO 4G.

So that’s about it, not much more to be said so I’ll let you head on down to that just over one and a quarter minute HTC EVO 4G, which is now up for pre-order as reported (here) Qik video chat video, hit play and check it out for yourselves…enjoy.

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