iPhone OS 4.0 May Feature Built In Facebook

Social networking seems to be all the rage these days and is available through most mobile phones. However, social networking website Facebook may just be getting a bit more serious when it comes to the iPhone.

According to an article over on gizmodo by way of business insider, the rumoured deep integration of Facebook with the iPhone may well be on its way as it could be built into iPhone OS 4.0.

Apparently that being so would mean at the least true Facebook contact syncing as already with the Palm Pre and Android handsets, but furthermore could make way for Facebook Connect for iPhone applications to result in more direct contact with Facebook.

The article says they have seen traces of code which point in that particular direction and it’s quite necessary for the iPhone so it gets on par with most other smartphones available.

They do say though they are a tad curious on the possibility of Facebook Connect for iPhone applications as when it comes down to apps for the iPhone all roads lead right back to Apple. Of course if you fancy seeing a couple of iPhone Os 4.0 hands-on videos you can do so by hitting (here) and (here)

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