HTC Wildfire Official Website: FaceBook, Twitter Main Highlights

HTC now has the official website for the HTC Wildfire, gives you an insight to the phone itself with an overview, it also has full specifications page and a stunning photo gallery.

This smartphone will come in four different colours that include red, white, black and a brownish bronzy colour as well.

HTC website overview page is basically trying to get across that the Wildfire is an awesome phone for social networking, mentioned right at the top of the page it says “Check Facebook, Twitter and Flickr at the same time”. Just want to say a quick thanks to Gary C via EuroDroid for the insight, stupid us really for not checking out for ourselves, thanks again Gary.

HTC Wildfire official website highlights on these subjects: Our next-generation Caller ID, Recommend apps straight from your phone, Keep your friends one tap away, Get news flashes on your phone whatever you need one tap away, Find things faster with Leap view, Much better browsing, The phone that minds its manners, Keep in touch with the office, An in-built dimmable flashlight and FM radio.

Is the HTC Wildfire firing you up so much so you want it now? Please do check out the video preview to get a better look at it, you can also take a peek at the specifications here.

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