HTC next device will have Windows Phone 7

We all know that Microsoft and HTC go back a while, actually the Taiwanese manufacturer owes most of its earlier success to the mobile platform developer. A recent report over at moby1.co.uk states that the next HTC device will have Windows Phone 7.

HTC’s connections with Microsoft have remained fairly strong throughout the years and just last year they released their HTC HD2 Smartphone which for those of you that didn’t know is the most successful Windows Mobile 6.5 device available in the market.

It has since been announced that Microsoft and HTC have made a patent agreement which will allow the Taiwanese company to be able to incorporate Microsoft patented technology in their devices. We covered that story here if you wish to refresh.

Now it appears the HTC are still pursuing their place in the technical industry as one of the major pillars for both the Android and the Microsoft platforms. And now the good news is that the rumour which claimed HTC were working on a Windows Phone 7 device has now been confirmed.

The HTC Mondrian, one of the first Smartphones to come with a processor which has been clocked at faster than 1GHz, also the phone’s QSD8650 the Snapdragon processor is reported to reach amazing speeds of up to 1.3GHz. Nothing yet to report on the camera we can expect but we will keep you updated as and when we hear more.

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