HTC Incredible Upcoming Accessories: Out of Stock Just Like Smartphone

The HTC Droid Incredible is out of stock with Verizon, but they will have more stock for you from June 6/7, it is not only the smartphone that is out of stock, accessories seem to be hard to get hold of as well due to high demand.

We just popped over to HTCPedia and Marchello Gadayev said they seem to be having stock issues as well, there is low supply for the phone and for accessories. There are more and more accessories and gadgets coming out for the HTC Droid Incredible and the source above has written an article about upcoming accessories for this for this handset.

Some of the accessories include: HTC Incredible Leather Wrapped Snap-On Cover for $19.99, HTC Incredible Desktop Charging Cradle $39.99, HTC Incredible TV-Out Cable $29.99, Car Mount & Holder for HTC Incredible $29.99, HTC Incredible Snap-on Cover Black and Red Gradient $14.99 and the HTC Incredible Swivel Holster for $19.99.

Please let us know if you have recently been able to buy HTC Incredible accessories and if so where from. Seems like this smartphone is hot property at the moment and the same goes for its accessories.

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