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The HTC Droid Incredible smartphone is all the craze at the moment, the only two other phones that comes close for news is the iPhone 4G and of course the HTC EVO 4G, well we want to learn more about the Incredible.

We have already asked you once before to send in your personal reviews and problems about the smartphone and this time we are asking again seeing as many new customers cannot get their hands on one until at least June 6/7 via Verizon.

You will notice that the title above says “HTC Droid Incredible Comment Home”, well this is because we want to be your number one place to come and relax and say all there is to say about the HTC Droid Incredible.

We want to know about apps, software, hardware, functionality, design, reviews, value for money, service, basically anything you have to say we want you to do it here.

So please if you have anything at all to say about the HTC Incredible smartphone please let us and our other readers know about it, it does not matter if you do not own the smartphone because you can simply ask other readers for their opinions.


7 thoughts on “HTC Droid Incredible Comment Home: Apps, Accessories and Reviews”

  1. projmanager says:

    GREAT PHONE!! The phone/hand help computer does all is says it can and does it fast! Since it is on the VZ network it is great tool for work and play. I have had no issues and it is the first smartphone I have had that actually makes the cost of service somewhat tolerable.

  2. derrick says:

    This one of the greatest smart phones I have ever used. I was a huge fan of the Droid Eris although it was very slow. I showed all my friends who fancy their iPhone and they were all amazed by the incredible. Many of them are gonna switch to this or the HTC legend…….this is everything you need. The coolest thing is that I was able to fit all my music from itunes onto my card and my Droid plays them with no problem…..my only complaint is that it should have had a a better body like the legend……but other than that it is awsome…..good job HTC.

    1. john says:

      Amazon is a huge rip off u should read the terms and condition. They can sell phone for cheaper but at what expense. They can charge you many different penalties and fees just for changing your price plan within 6 months.and its nothing version can take off your bill. Best of luck

  3. Mario says:

    Love it, fast, small, all kind of apps, good signal everywhere and did I say FAST.
    The only “minus” is the lack off accessories (charging station) I know is just a matter of time…but I can’t wait.
    Two of my buddies have one too, one of them is having problem with the phone not charging the battery (after two batteries, Verizon is sending him a new phone, but they are in back order) The other friend LOVES his too. The 1300 mA battery sucks, a 1750 mA is on its way…
    I have been using smart phones for years and honestly speaking this is by far the BEST one yet.
    And to make you jealous, I only paid $99 + taxes.

  4. dude says:

    This phone literally is incredible – no joke. Yes, the stock battery goes fast but this phone does more stuff than many computers and faster than most as well. Get a task killer and zap running apps you don't need to be running and watch your battery life double. I found the phone call reception to be a little less than my Blackberry Storm but then again, it took 3 restarts of that phone and 10+ minutes to get one app to work and with the Incredible I installed 6 apps in between frames of bowling the other night and many since and have never.restarted.the.phone. Windows should try to learn something from Android OS, and so should Apple – you can have beauty, speed and simplicity and not have to give up other things. This is the phone to beat!

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