WWDC 2010: What Steve Jobs Won’t Announce

As reported yesterday, iPhone Guru Steve Jobs is going to make the keynote at WWDC 2010 on the 7th of June and it is expected Mr. Jobs will announced iPhone OS 4.0 and the much talked about and leaked iPhone 4G.

However according to an article by Don Reisinger over on eweek there are at least ten things we probably won’t be seeing Steve Jobs announce during WWDC 2010. The first of which seems quite obvious, being Adobe Flash support and although Android 2.2 Froyo supports Flash, Jobs doesn’t care and has made it quite clear Flash won’t come to Apple products.

Then there’s tethering on the iPhone, although the Big Blue has promised to deliver tethering to he iPhone for quite some time the article says that it’s not likely to change at WWDC, but then it has been reported, see (here) that tethering on AT&T is an option in iPhone OS 4.0, so maybe it will come.

The next thing that will probably be missing from WWDC 2010 is the much sort after Verizon iPhone. No doubt a CDMA iPhone will come eventually it’s difficult to imagine Jobs announcing it this time round, especially on the back of the supposed exclusivity extension with AT&T.

Then there’s multitasking across all iPhone models, well word has it iPhone OS 4.0 will deliver multitasking to the iPhone 3GS and iPad and obviously the iPhone 4G if it appears but the iPhone 3G or earlier units probably wont get multitasking, especially as it looks like the iPhone 3G will no longer be shipped as reported (here)

Next up the article basically says the obvious and that there won’t be an announcement of a “pro-Adobe partnership”, yes well considering the way Jobs feels about Adobe and Flash it’s kind of obvious he won’t be embracing Adobe in a loving hug.

Then there’s Apple TV; with Google announcing their Google TV platform one could presume Apple would take their TV a tad more seriously to combat Google’s challenge, but Apple doesn’t give Apple TV the same attention as the iPhone, iPad and other products, so it’s unlikely there will be any update to Apple TV announced.

Moving along there’s opening up the iPhone; Android is an open platform and is growing fast and is a large threat to Apple, but Apple wants total control over the iPhone and other products so we can’t see Jobs announcing the opening of the iPhone OS and no doubt will remain close for a long time yet.

Apple’s latest baby, the iPad, the device is still relatively in its infancy, so it’s unlikely Jobs will announce any price reduction on the iPad at WWDC 2010, and looking forward an iPad price reduction probably wont happen until next year when no doubt Apple will be looking to push out a new version.

Another thing that more than likely won’t be announced is an online strategy, although the recent acquisition of Lala has fired rumours, but its early days and although Apple probably has an online strategy in the making it is doubtful Jobs will make the announcement.

Lastly there is a successor to Steve Jobs; Jobs has been the figurehead of Apple for quite some time, but he won’t be around forever and will have to hand over control at some stage, but not just yet. Jobs has had his fair share of ill health in the past but that seems to be behind him now, so don’t expect to see Jobs resign this time round.

That’s it, ten things that you probably won’t hear announced during WWDC 2010, but then all you really care about is what Mr. Jobs will be announcing and hopefully it will include that iPhone 4G.


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  1. Boy says:

    Ha! "Flash, Jobs doesn’t care"

    Emperor Jobs has no mobile clothes. Only a Mac(book).

    The Apple Wizards chose chips that can't run Flash 10 for the iPad and iPhone.

    If Jobs feels so strongly about mobile Flash, remove Flash from Macbooks.

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