HTC EVO 4G Does Android Froyo Even Before Release

The first smartphone capable of surfing 4G hasn’t been released yet, but that doesn’t stop the developing community from slapping some Android 2.2 Froyo goodness onto the device even before the handset sees the light of day.

Of course we are talking HTC EVO 4G, the smartphone which was given out to people attending the Google I/O conference a time back and well if you hand over an unreleased device to the developer community, sooner or later those developers are going to do their stuff.

And that is what has happened according to an article by Chris Ziegler over at Engadget who notes that the guys over at XDA-Developers have now managed to port Android 2.2 onto the HTC EVO 4G, which originally comes with Android 2.1 plus HTC Sense UI.

The HTC EVO 4G gaining an upgrade to Froyo may have been a sticking point for some potential owners, so at least they now know those that already have gained the device are working on making it happen; naturally to make the Froyo port work the EVO 4G needs to be rooted and it probably has a way to go before becoming totally usable, but eventually it will happen.

Just so you can see a little evidence of the port we have a video for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below, so hit it up, and check out Froyo on the HTC EVO 4G…enjoy.

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