New iPhone 4, will you be buying one? Poll

The new iPhone 4 is now official and we were wondering if you would be buying one when it releases.

Now that we know the official name is iPhone 4 and not 4G or HD like we all expected do you think your expectations are better than you first thought, the whole design has changed and it has over 100 new features.

We will obviously bring you the full specifications and much more about this new Apple smartphone but we would like for you to let us know if this is the handset for you.

We have already mentioned about the new design and its squared edges and of course the new steel band wrapped around the iPhone 4 is the antenna the front and back is made of glass.

Stay with us, as we will have so much news for you from WWDC 2010, please use our poll set up and click what suits you best. Also please check out Engadget’s iPhone 4 gallery

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One thought on “New iPhone 4, will you be buying one? Poll”

  1. Duke says:

    This new device is not all that amazing but I want to get one just to access all of those apps.. Android is doing well on apps and so is Palm but there are still many apps only available on iphone.. I guess Apple is the standard at the moment.

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