WWDC 2010: Jobs Makes Live iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 Video Call

During his keynote at WWDC 2010 in San Francisco today, Apple chief Steve Jobs made the first iPhone video call on the new iPhone 4 smartphone to another iPhone 4 handset.

The new came via the Engadget live blog that Steve Jobs said that back in 2007 when Apple launched the first iPhone he made a call to Jony Ive, and then made a video call using the iPhone 4 front facing camera to the same guy.

Apparently it’s called “Face Time” and is WiFi only from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 without any set up; apparently the video and audio quality is great and for 2010 will be WiFi only and they need to work with the carriers a little bit, I guess that means AT&T.

Also “Face Time” works in portrait and landscape and is based on a “handful of standards”. So there it is, the iPhone 4 can do video calling as proved by the man himself.

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