HTC Droid Eris Reviews, Problems and Software

A while ago now we asked for you to let us know of any problems you have encountered on your HTC Droid Eris following the 2.1 update.

At the time it was reported that Verizon were fixing some problems which had arisen from the Droid Eris 2.1 Update. The update which was over the air caused problems with message notification issues.

We were also made aware that some of you had problems with the call audio and the weather widget not functioning quite as it should have done. We know that sometimes small issues can be spotted after software updates and although the overall impression of the update seemed to be positive we are aware of some of you experiencing problems.

Over to you now, have you had any ongoing problems since the update have you experienced anything else which we haven’t mentioned has this changed your overall opinion of the Droid Eris. We look forward to hearing your comments.


22 thoughts on “HTC Droid Eris Reviews, Problems and Software”

  1. Overall, features and apps work better. However, 1) Battery life seems worse. Using Advanced Task Manager (rather than Verizon-recommended Task Killer) helps – but the automated feature does not always work under 2.1. 2) Occasionally callers cannot hear the Eris owner talking now. Verizon advised me on June 12 that an update of 2.1 should be out within a month (ha-ha) to fix these two problems.
    The Eris is a decent substitute for those of us MAC computer users who desperately would prefer an iPhone but don't want to deal with AT&T's network and problems. We really appreciate Verizon's overall support service and network and wish the two Titans (Apple and AT&T) could resolve their relationship so we could all get iPHone 4s and have a synchronized life.

  2. Lauri says:

    I hate this phone, it's slow, I can't delete text messages, it doesn't recognize words when I text, the screen disappears when I'm on the phone and can't get the key pad back….It's slow, frustrating, and by far the worst phone I've ever had!!!!!!

  3. lisa says:

    I am with lauri on this one, this phone sucks…DO NOT BUY IT. I hate mine too it closes down all the time is slow, drops calls and the keyboard it worthless. I wish i could give it back, but they won't take it.. they can see junk a mile away.

  4. Fed up says:

    This is a terrible, terrible phone. The battery life sucks, first of all. It can't last a day with out being charged, even with a minuscule number of phone calls. That's compared to my EnV, which has lasted a month without charging. Clicking the exact thing on the phone you want is extremely hard, and it freezes and lags quite often. It gives me a terrible time unlocking it for calls, so I miss them all the time. Also, it crashed today. I lost all my pictures, ringtones, and contacts. What a piece of junk!

  5. Yep. says:

    I agree with all of you, this phone is a piece of CRAP!!!!! Mine is CONSTANTLY force closing crap, the screen is ALWAYS going black when i try to go back to the home screen and then it just locks up so i HAVE to turn it off in order for it to work properly! Sometimes, i cant even get the screen to turn back on while its turned on! I wish i would have NEVER bought this stupid phone!!!!!!!! My ENV 2, despite the stupid button not working on the front, worked like a dang charm compared to this phone! DO NOT GET IT!!!!

  6. john says:

    never get this phone buying this phone is the biggest regret of my life. it is the slowest phone i ever bought, the screen that shows recent calls loads so slow and the phone shows me that i have a message when i dont, and sometimes doesnt go away for hours. it always shows the wrong time, and the wrong location for weather. facebook never works on it, and youtube videos rarely play. sometimes my screen just goes black for no reason and stays like that for 10 minutes at a time. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS PHONE IT IS A JOKE

  7. Jim says:

    phone is junk, takes 15 sec after you press contact to call before it actually calls.. god forbid its a emergency call.. text messages alert freaks of 1/2 the time, instead of 1 blink alert, it blings 10-15 times.. slow slow phone, cant make it 6hrs at work, using the phone maybe once and taking a few photos.. sucks

  8. Jim says:

    just got off the phone with verizon, their answer was to do a master reset… (lost everything on my phone), and download a app killer program. to kill everything running on your phone.. if nothing is running then you wont have any problem… haha so the htc eris is now just a plain old phone to make calls with, its not fast enough to actually handle apps, thats why you have to turn them all off.. Hmmm I thought me spending over $300 for a data/smart phone i would actually get to use it.. I could have saved money and just got a $30 phone.. Now im stuck with a $30 data package i can not use…

  9. MARY says:

    this phone sucks! It is the slowest piece of crap i have ever had! Every since the stupid upgrade it hasn't been right. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! please tell me why i can't get the contacts to show instead of jus the number? It wont text the right words, its slow and freezes all the time…..what a waste of money!

  10. BKP says:

    My finace and I both have this phone and it is the worst phone we've ever had. Always disconnects calls from my bluetooth in my car…just loses the bluetooth altogether and sometimes have to restart phone 5 times – no exaggeration! Verizon rep asked me if I was sure it was the phone and not my car – seriously??? I told him I was POSITIVE because it works and then all of a sudden just decides I don't have a bluetooth ready vehicle. When texting screen bounces all over the place, battery is worst ever, lag time when trying to get somewhere on the phone is awful. We are told Verizon no longer replaces a phone after the 3rd exchange, they did away with that in April due to abuse. Well gosh, can you look at client accounts and see who the abusers are or do we just make everybody suffer?! We go our replacements and they are NO better, in fact they are worse, than the phone we were replacing. I'm about to tell Verizon to cancel my account and I won't pay early termination fees because they are not willing to replace something that DOES NOT WORK! Verizon has gotten too big and their customer service has gone way down!

  11. justin says:

    prior to this phone, i had a bb pearl that i THOUGHT i hated. that phone was a gem compared to this thing. verizon does not stand behind this phone at all. i've literally spent hours in the local store and nothing has come of it. the tech guys kept playing with it and never got anywhere. they keep offering to send a refurb, but i'm afraid that it will be worse than this one. i even offered to let verizon renew my contract so that i could at least get contract pricing for a new phone. nope. they expect you to pay full price for a new phone to replace the POS that they sold you to start with. battery life is terrible, blue tooth is terrible, phone is slow, phone gets "confused" and takes several seconds to catch up, time/location is rarely accurate, the "touchscreen" keyboard is a joke, the menu/back button location directly below the space bar will make you cuss. do yourself a favor, but the motorola, they work.

  12. Qiana says:

    I have experienced the same problems with my HTC Eris that everyone has described (slowness, short battery life, freezing etc). This phone is indeed a piece of crap. I am now back to using my 8330 Blackbery Cure, and I love it compared to the HTC Eris.

  13. Jordan says:

    Guys I personally love the look and interface and functionality of the HTC Eris. But the slowness and ridiculous lag and constant crashing far outweighs the positive side of the phone. It is unacceptable that Verizon can sell a phone like this and not follow through on selling a reliable product. I've done the factory reset and nothing changed, I've used Task Killers, nothing has changed, and I've emptied all text messages and caches and still it fails to speed it up. (Try using LauncherPro though, it does seem to speed things up just a bit.) Absolutely ridiculous on verizon's part.

  14. Joe says:

    I rooted mine and loaded TazzFroyo and Vanilla the 13th mod, it runs ADW/launcher. Now its running Froyo, slightly overclocked, and runs like a champ. My feeling is that it was the Sense UI that was making it lag, the lag was so bad I almost chucked it into the lake. Once I heard that Verizon was abandoning this phone, I decided to take matters on myself.

    1. Chris Hall says:

      Humm, I've had my Eris since launch, I bought an extended battery, and upgraded to a 16gb card. With the 2.1 update and before the update I have experienced none of the problems I read here. I guess I'll just count myslef lucky.

  15. Leslie says:

    I have a Droid Eris, actually this is the third one I have had after a round with the insurance… It has Phone seizures as I like to call it. Where is randomly pops between the various home screens and I can't get it to do what I want it to do. I can't listen to my voice-mail, I can't send a text message with out wanting to throw it out of a window. Making a call is next to impossible. I HATE this phone…. My husband and I are looking at switching phone carriers because all of our phone a horrible. Sprint has always had much better quality phones. Verizon can kiss it…..

  16. robert says:

    I bought a used Verizon Eris. I have tried the Palm Treo before. My observations:
    – I recently had the phone incoming audio die: had to remove the battery.
    – The 2.1 software does not support a soft or a hard reset.
    – The phone retained my desktop configuration through the battery removal.
    – It has lost the ability to sync with my Google accounts.
    – The battery life is marginal, but it is always on and checking for messages and email, so a reasonable trade-off for me.
    – The human factors are better than the Palm Treo (first version).
    – The Droid OS/Internet feature (other than no sync) and unlimited data plan are fine.
    – The phone features are marginal.
    – I kept my old phone number on my old 8300. I usually use it for outgoing calls when I have them both with me.

  17. tarah says:

    this phone is a pos. i have had this phone less than a year and fixing to be on the 3rd one. exchanged it once less than 6 months after i got it. and now the exchange is doing the same thing the original did but worse! the track ball keeps scrolling left. it freezes up. it force closes my apps. the screen blacks out and will not show me whos calling. half the time the phone doesnt even ring. it doesnt alert when texts come in or the notification will constantly say i have a text when i dont. 9 months pregnant i cant afford a phone that wont work! im at the point of telling them to take this phone back and give me another one i should NOT have to come into the store (which is an hour and a half away) every 3 months because this phone wants to quit working. if they try to make me pay the insurance fee to get a new one i will refuse and just have my phone turned off. it is manufacturer defects because this phone has never been taken apart never gotten wet etc. im tired of messing with this pos.


  18. Lia says:

    I cant believe how bad this phone is. Sometimes it makes me talk to myself. a. the cursor jumps around arbitrarily at no specific time, just all the time. b. the phone sometimes wont send a call for up to a minute, and even not at all (which makes me feel very unsafe) c. I rarely even text or email bc the keypad is always stumbling all over itself, having errors, or just generally making me want to throw it against a wall. I basically use it as little as possible because it makes me so angry that I can barely keep on with my day (and imagine this feeling 75% of the time you use your phone!). I have two close friends with the same phone, and the same issues. It is criminal to dump something this faulty into the marketplace.

  19. Leannchristine says:

    Mine just took a big crap on me!! Im good to my phone, its still in like new shape. I have had it for 14mths now and 4 days ago it started to force close everything!! then it started to cycle on and off over and over again!!! Verizon does not stand behind their product, and refused to help me unless i paid for a new phone and extended out my contract another 2 years. its less than 2mths till Christmas and this expense is not bugeted for. I guess im SOL no matter what I do! FML

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