O2 Not Offering iPhone 4 Pre-orders, if true why not?

We mentioned earlier today that O2 should hopefully today update its website for Apple iPhone pre-orders, well some news is coming in that may be a little annoying.

We say annoying because how many O2 customers have been sitting there refreshing the O2 website hoping to see the option to pre order the iPhone 4, we have had many comments coming in via our readers on our previous article saying they contacted O2 and the above is true.

Here are a few comments that have come in:

Just got off the phone with 02 and they said they will NOT be doing preorders! We have to wait until 24june and hope for the best

im a business customer with O2 and they advised me last night that they wont be offering a Pre Order option to any customers as they have no product code on the system for the iPhone 4. They said it would be available on the 24th June. Now, whether this is true or just the usual blurb they dish out is yet to be seen but I wont be happy if I have to join the mass rush on the 24th only to be told its out of stock. Read more comments here.

O2, if you are reading this article will you please step forward and contact us to verify please, if you will not be allowing customers the iPhone 4 Pre-order that basically means they have to wait until June 24.


27 thoughts on “O2 Not Offering iPhone 4 Pre-orders, if true why not?”

    1. Eggtruck says:

      I've just got off of the phone to O2 and they have confirmed that they currently "have no plans to offer pre order as Apple haven't yet confirmed the handset price". If you are one of the people who has registed for more info, you should apparently get an email from O2 if that situation changes and pre orders become an option, but right now, we're looking at queuing up on the 24th.

      If this is the case, it may explain why the other carriers haven't offered pre orders yet either.

  1. Amy Georgina says:

    I didn’t get quite the same response but am still hacked off. I reserved an iPhone4 for Apple Store pick up in Kingston on the 24th. It says when you reserve that they’ll help you upgrade etc etc.

    When I called O2 to verify she pretty much said “No”. If I want the upgrade early offer, I have to go direct to O2 to do it. This has all just left me thinking, stuff your early upgrade offer, I’ll suffer the extra cost for a few months and go with Vodafone if the rumours about their tariffs are true….

    1. Matt Weston says:

      Amy I wouldn't worry. There's a lot of confusion about it but it's not really the network's fault, it's Apple who are keeping everyone in the dark. I happen to work for a mobile retailer in the UK, and even I hardly know a thing. I do know however, that the O2 customer service rep you spoke to about the early upgrade was either lying or mistaken, as it clearly states on the O2 website that you can upgrade at any O2, Phones 4u, or Carphone Warehouse shop.

      I suggest you go to either Phones 4u or Carphone Warehouse, purely because the level of customer service you'll receive is much greater in the third party stores.

  2. Theodore Tyberg says:

    Annoyed but not sure why. As long as I can get it on the 24th (or near about) when I actually order it is pretty irrelevant

  3. Alan says:

    I was told this by O2 last Friday. Call back on the 24th and if I was lucky I may get my hands on one then.

    To be honest I can see myself not bothering now and just switching providers in a couple of months.

  4. Martin says:

    Mixed messages. I am a preium 02 customer. I called them last night to ask if they would be offering a pre-order, as the apple site were. I was told to "check the website". I explained that I had done so on numerous occasions & there was very little information on there. I was passed to the "customer retention" team, from whom I requested a mere call back from them when the link to pre-order went live, so that I could gaurantee the purchase of the phone. I was told that they would not call me back. At this point I explained to the operator that he had done a terrible job of retaining a premium customer who only wanted a call back to be told when pre-orders went live. I also explained that 02 no longer had the monoploy on iPhones, and as I am out of contract, I would be going else where. I will do so out of spite now, as I feel that I was badly treated when all I wanted was a call back! Too much to ask from a telecommunications company?

  5. Jmac says:

    They aren't rumours – the CEO of O2 blogged about putting up the iPhone tarriffs on O2's blog yesterday! Thoroughly cheesed off with O2 because of all this. I'm not sure if they are trying to be cool and secretive, like Apple are with their new launches, but whatever it is they've really pissed a lot of customers off.

    I really want an iPhone 4 but I think I'll also wait out my O2 contract, buy an unlocked one from Apple and switch to Vodafone for a better and cheaper data plan…

  6. Harry says:

    Phoned O2 multiple times at various times.

    Saturday, the lady said they don't do pre-orders, earliest order date is the 24th.
    This morning (after apple went live with pre-orders) a man at O2 in the upgrades department said I would be able to order one on the 23rd.
    Just now a lady said (Upgrade dept again) No pre-orders.. only way of pre-ordering is via apple and that's the full cost of the phone. Earliest upgrade is 24th. PLUS she said she didn't know if delivery would be standard 1-2 working days or longer.

  7. Nick says:

    @Amy … Me too. Stuff O2, it’s a great opportunity to leave them. I have cancelled a 3G dongle contract I had with Voda and will use my O2 SIM for six months in new handset. When cancelled I will shop around for a deal. No longer will I have to sign up for 18-24 month contracts. Ridiculous length of contracts.

  8. Neil says:

    I have been wasting hours on the net trying to find out info about what on earth s going on with the pre order fiasco. I have registered on all 5 UK networks and recieved no emails, tho apple replied. The customer service from them all is a total disgrace, bad news is better than being ignored completely but they have not told me anything since midnight on the day we all are expecting pre order facilities! I know that Orange stores were told to hold off putting pre order notices and ANY adverts for the iphone 4 today so I think your story about O2 is right and there will be no pre orders anywhere. Shambles!!

  9. Chocmonster says:

    Just got off the phone to 02 – no pre-order and no handset prices til then? I was told on Saturday that we'd get more info today so they are not being very transparent…maybe I'll be jumping ship to another network too…

  10. Freddie says:

    Amy, DO NOT go with Vodafone, even if you dont go over your minutes etc you will be charged like £70 a month from hidden charges, i had a £25 a month plan, ended up paying 60-70 a month.

    1. Jonathon says:

      Probably because you're one of those customers who failed to understand your plan correctly, Freddie. Did you try calling Customer Services to get them to look into it, or did you do as I suspect you did and called them to merely argue?

  11. Daz_2k_ad says:

    I called o2 they said they would NOT be offering a pre order but you can phone on the launch day to order and you would receive in 3-4 working days… I told them if this is absolute correct then i wish to terminate my 2 contracts they said it was and allowed me to cancel my existing contracts that were due an upgrade,, surely they would not of allowed this if they were to offer pre order ???? i wanted another network anyway as o2 data coverage is rubbish, this was just the excuse i needed…

  12. Raptor says:

    Just wondering, though………….

    Everyone seems to be having a pop at O2, but is this REALLY an O2 problem????

    As at the time of writing, as far as I am aware, NO networks are yet offering pre-orders and even Apple themselves are pushing delivery dates back and back – is it simply a case that due to the MASSIVE demand, Apple just don't have enough handsets available (or haven't told the providers what their allocation is?) If that's the case, then surely it is wrong to blame the network providers for not offering pre-order?

    Also, knowing Apple, they have probably threatened the phone companies with all sorts if they actually reveal that the reason they can't offer pre-order is because APPLE can't supply enough handsets!!!

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