Everything Everywhere Merger, What do Customers Think?

It’s been going on for a while and has been in the new quite a lot in the past, the merger of T-Mobile and Orange in the UK to become Everything Everywhere, but the change won’t be that big as the T-Mobile and Orange brands will still remain.

But an article over on Wired by Nate Lanxon outlines what the merger of the mobile carrier’s means in the short term and long term. In the short term the merger won’t mean a great deal to customers and it should appear as if nothing has actually happened, for example “T-mobile customers won’t suddenly get access to Orange Wednesdays.”

However in the future customers can expect to see tariff choices and products move closer together as they eventually become much of a single company under the Everything Everywhere banner and of course become the largest mobile operator in the UK.

So if you are a T-Mobile or Orange customer we’d like to know what you think of this Everything Everywhere and will you be staying with them or looking to another UK operator in future?


One thought on “Everything Everywhere Merger, What do Customers Think?”

  1. kestrel1960 says:

    Personally I cannot think of a worse name than “Everything Everywhere” for the orange/T-Mobile merger.

    Why merge then keep the 2 company offerings different?

    If that happens there will be loss of market share but maybe thats the plan ….

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